Solo points leaders

1) Kyle Rashford139
2) Chris Gifford119
3) Karl Hughes117
4) Mark Mangicaro116
5) Yuriy Yatsishin114
6) John Croasdaile108
7) Scott Newton107
8) Randy Humphreys94
9) William Scott90
10) Gerrit VanVranken85

RallyCross points leaders

1) Andy Walker405
2) Robert Susz340
3) Rick Ottman305
4) J. Parascandola300
5) Colin Susz290
6) Christian Peehler260
7) Alex Rechetov225
8) Chris Hallock220
9) Chris Murphy220
10) Danil Yegorov200

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Taylor Rental Auburn

The CNY SCCA RallyCross program is sponsored by Taylor Rental, Auburn

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Since 1951 the CNY Region of SCCA has served a large part of Northern New York State including the greater Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown areas. The region is bordered by the Mohawk-Hudson Region to the east, Southern New York Region to the South, and the Finger Lakes, Glen, and Western New York regions to the west. To the north, the greater Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region is covered by the Motorsports Club of Ottawa, a region of CASC-OR (Canada's amateur racing organization).

Photos from the NYS Fairgrounds Event

Mark has posted some photos from the June 28th event at the NYS Fairgrounds in our photo gallery:

June 28th Event Results Online

Results from today's event have been posted online at

Photos from day/night event

Thank you to Mark Mangicaro for posting some photos from last weekend's autocross in our photo gallery:

Day/Night Solo Results Online

Results from yesterday's events are now online:

Congratulations to Yuriy Yatsishin on taking the lead in our series championship!

Annual Picnic

Hello All! Save the date, August 12 @ 6:00 -8:00. Annual Picnic at Onondaga Yacht Club. Adults $10.00, 12 and under $5.00. Bring your loved one and your better half and kids. More info to come.

First Solo Events Online

Results from the first solo event of the 2015 championship season are now online:

Solo Pre-Registration Online

Our May solo event has been confirmed, and pre-registration is now available for all confirmed solo events this year.

March 28tg RallyCross Cancelled

Unfortunatly due to extreme mud conditions we are unable to hold an event at Walczyks Farm tomorrow. We explored the option of moving the event to CNYRP but the conditions there are just as bad. Our next event will be at Central New York Racweay Park in May. I hope to see everybody there

Street Survival School

On April 18th – A Tire Rack Street Survival School will be hosted by the Finger Lakes Region of the SCCA at Xerox in Rochester. This is great opportunity for any newly licensed or permitted driver between the ages of 15 to 21 to obtain hands on driving experience in a safe controlled environment.

Spaces are still available.

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