Solo points leaders

1) John Croasdaile100
2) Scott Newton98
3) Benjamin Smolen97
4) Nicholas Sunderlin97
5) Mark Bizzozero97
6) Nikhil Kovelamudi96
7) Gerrit VanVranken96
8) Steven Johnson96
9) Joseph Lagdao95
10) Nicholas Dixon95

RallyCross points leaders

1) Ricky Ottman1320
2) Lloyd Murray900
3) Chris Hallock820
4) Garrison Moseley695
5) Tyler Wudstrack670
6) Adam Owens545
7) Don Robertson545
8) Stuart Rotblat545
9) Chris Murphy515
10) Vinny Moellering440

A special thank-you to:

Burdick Ford

Burdick Ford

The CNY SCCA Solo program is sponsored by Burdick Ford

Since 1951 the CNY Region of SCCA has served a large part of Northern New York State including the greater Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown areas. The region is bordered by the Mohawk-Hudson Region to the east, Southern New York Region to the South, and the Finger Lakes, Glen, and Western New York regions to the west. To the north, the greater Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region is covered by the Motorsports Club of Ottawa, a region of CASC-OR (Canada's amateur racing organization).

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